Mr. Vain


Thego, a burglar from Buckland, has travelled to Bree to practise his skills. On his way to the shadier parts of the town, he found a mirror…and because he is vain to his nature, he just has to stop and admire his new attire…


Heh, here he is, my little Hobbit burglar. I made him a colorful outfit, perfect for playing tricks and telling jokes. Bree got a makeover in the last update, and I was very gladly surprised to find a mirror. It doesn’t reflect everything, but enough to look real. Other than that, I don’t know what to think of the makeover, it doesn’t feel like it was necessary, but then again, Bree does look more real and alive now, there are more NPC milling about and the houses look more like they would be inhabited.



Head: Plumed Hat, dye green, Intro quest reward(Archet)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mark, dye orange, world drop

Back: Plain Cloak, dye sienna, any outfitter

Chest: Wolfpelt Coat, dye navy, drops in Sarnur or Urugarth, it seems

Hands: Kelkka-maker’s Gloves, dye green, quest reward (44) Building the Snow-sled, Forochel

Legs: Leather Leggings of Fate, dye navy, world drop

Feet: Leather Boots, dye green, any outfitter

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