Concerning Hobbits

Yes, I know, that was a very lame headline:P But still, since that’s what this post is about, I might as well use it. I’ve played Lotro for over two years now, but I never made any Hobbit toon. Until now. It bothered me too much that I didn’t have one character of each class, so I made number eight and nine to be Hobbits, burglar and warden. I will probably never level them past 20, if I even get to that, and only use them as extra storage, lol. Anyway, I guess I was never that fond of Hobbits, neither in the books nor in the films or the game. I can’t really say why, I’ve always been more of an elf-person:P. Maybe it’s their looks in the game that bothers me. Short, fat and with a very weird…groin area, that looks ugly no matter what leggings I put on…Their hairstyles look odd too. But now I finally made two Hobbit characters, and they are not so bad, after all. My Hobbit-lad ended up with black hair and a sort of Latino-inspired face, which made me think he is quite the ladies’ man:) I’m going to post two outfits that I created for him, and later on I’m gonna see what I can make up for my Hobbit lass. My poor dwarf needs some more outfits too, when I get around to it…

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