Charming the ladies


Thego has travelled to Michel Delving, to do some business. He wears nice black and brown clothes, and when he sees a couple of pretty lasses, he just can’t help himself…


The second outfit I made for my burglar. I wanted to make something dark, something he could use when sneaking around in the night. This outfit looks a bit home-made, like something he put together, trying to copy the look of certain famous Hobbits like Pippin in his citadel guard armor.



Head: Hana’s Helmet, dye black, quest reward (28) Noisome Neighbours, Lone-lands

Shoulders: Enduring Dwarf Cloth Shoulderpads of Vigour, dye red, world drop

Back: Warden’s wrap, default black dye, Wardens of Annuminas barter item

Chest:Heronham, dye black, quest reward, vol. I, book 8, chapter 5: Mordirith’s fall

Hands: Ingmar’s Woollen Gloves, dye sienna, Rohan quest reward(most light armor gloves from Rohan will have this look)

Legs: Leather Leggings of Might, dye black, world drop

Feet: Emerthdail, dye black, quest reward (43) The Matron and the Master, Angmar

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