Tower guard


Evelara has travelled to Rohan. She offers her services to anyone who needs, and tonight she has enlisted as tower guard in the village of Eaworth. She wears armor in burgundy and dark grey, decorated with gold, and keeps her swords ready at hand in case of attack.


Well, after many, many attempts, I finally got an outfit together. Not the best one I’ve created, but I think it looks nice enough. I wanted to use burgundy again, as it is Evelara’s favorite color, and this cloak has been sitting in my wardrobe forever, waiting to be used. And in case anyone is wondering: I did not get up in the tower on my own, I cheated and had a cappy summon me, since I found it quite impossible, and not to say very annoying, to get up myself. No matter how precisely I jumped, there would always be a lagspike or something that made me fall down sooner or later. Maybe one day I’ll have enough patience to jump up, but now I’m just happy I got the quest done, and the deed.


Head: Helm of the Fallen Watchtower, dye burgundy, Rohan quest reward(most look the same…)

Shoulders: Restored Bard’s Pauldrons, dye gold, Wardens of Annuminas barter item

Back: Cloak of Honour Regained, default dye, quest reward (75) Call of Honour, Great River region (Torahammas’ Cloak looks the same)

Chest: Blessed Jacket of Might, dye burgundy, Dunland drop

Hands: Reinforced Leather Gauntlets of Rallying, default dye, world drop

Legs: Herald’s Leggings, dye burgundy, T6 crafted

Feet: Blademaster’s Boots, default dye, champion barter item, Moria

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