The first glimpse of Rohan

Spoiler warning: going to show picture of Argonath at the bottom of post, so if you want to see it firsthand on your own, return to this post later :P.

So, Rohan is live, and I just have to make a post with some landscape and outfit screenshots. Evelara has been riding around for hours getting all the stable locations, and I have to say, Rohan is huge:) But so far it looks very good, even though my fears about lag came through and I’ve had to set graphics to lowest in order to be able to explore. So my screenshots won’t be of high quality I’m afraid.

I like the way the NPC are dressed, it looks a lot more medieval than most outfits, which a medieval freak like me is very happy about. Now I really hope we can get some armor or cosmetics that look like these.

These two dresses reminds me of the ones Eowyn was wearing in the movies.

And here is the Argonath. Guess if that was the first place I wanted to see 🙂

I probably won’t post any new outfits for a while, planning to quest a lot in the near future:) If anyone who reads this is on the Firefoot server, feel free to say hello:)

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