Rohan rider

Rohan9Rohan is launching tomorrow, and I look forward to it, at the same time as I fear my old computer won’t be able to handle it. Especially the mounted combat seems to be very fast, and therefore needing a fast computer in order to work properly. This is just my own guess though, I have not played beta and I know nothing about computers:P. Right now I’m listening to the lovely Rohan soundtrack on Spotify and wishing that real life would be a bit more adventurous. Wouldn’t you love to get up on a horse and go exploring what’s beyound the next hill? 🙂


Anyway, here is my Rohan lore-master Ingwyn, dressed in her “Rohan-outfit”. I made it a long time ago, before getting the Eastemnet Horse, so I found it matches a standard horse better. The cloak is very odd but I just thought it had a very horsey feel to it:)


Shoulders: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Shoulder Guards, rivendell green, quest reward (69) Scattered Delivery, Dunland

Back: Faded Spearman’s Cloak, rivendell green, quest reward (66) The Source of the Dragons, Dunland

Chest: Cavalry Hauberk, dye rivendell green, any outfitter

Hands: Gloves of the Meadhall, umber, Rohan quest reward

Feet: Scout’s Weathered Leather Boots, umber, quest reward (69) The Bane of the Bog, Dunland

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