Rivendell romance

Mimbaril is in Rivendell, and very much in love. The woman who has captured his heart is called Vendethiel, and Mimbaril is trying everything to win her…Dressing elegantly will surely help, and so he has put on clothes in warm autumn colors.

I wanted to make Mimbaril an outfit to go questing in, but it became a bit too elegant for that:P. But it doesn’t matter, he is a rather vain guy so he might just go out hunting wolves dressed like this:) I tried putting together pieces in warm autumn colors, maybe I was inspired by the maple leaves in their lovely red, orange, yellow and brown colors. The cloak is quite odd, but for some reason I kept it, thinking it would be useful some day. The leggings are a recent item that I bought when my cappy was leveling in Evendim, and I like the red part that matches the red on the cloak. I now see that the gloves should be forest green too, to match the cloak and the ribbons on the leggings better. Going to change that, when I get around to it.

Shoulders: Reinforced Elven Cloth Shoulderpads of Vigour, dye gold, world drop

Back: Trapper’s Faded Cloak, dye forest green, quest reward (66) A Widow’s Last Hope, Dunland

Chest: Jacket of the Winding Road, dye rust, quest reward (75) Banishing the Dishonored, Great River

Hands: Radiant Westernesse Gloves, dye rivendell green, T5 crafted

Legs: Restored Archivist’s Leggings, dye ranger green,Wardens of Annuminas barter item (Tinnudir)

Feet: Padded Shoes, dye ranger green, armorsmith vendor

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3 Responses to Rivendell romance

  1. Devonna says:

    cute story and outfit 🙂

  2. fbclotro says:

    Aww… 😛 Haha, I must say though, Vendethiel seems very aloof. I hope you don’t mind I added you to my blogroll too!


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