Munce’s shoes

While waiting for outfitting inspiration to come back, I thought I’d hand out a tip:) The dye colors in LOTRO are mostly quite dark or murky (with some exceptions). I’d like to have some pale blue, pale green, beige or vanilla yellow to use, especially if I make some more feminine outfits. Anyway, a while ago I was leveling my loremaster in Lone-lands and got these boots as a quest reward. I discovered they dye in a much paler shade than most items, and took some screenshots of them so I would remember how they look. So if you have been looking for some nice pale boots, this is a hint:)

Navy dye, in my opinion a much lighter/paler shade than usual. They almost look like jeans:)

Dark green dye, the palest green I’ve seen for a long time.

Yellow dye, a very nice shade of yellow, usually it tends to look like, well, pardon my word, pee…This sunny shade of yellow I’d love to have as a dye.

Sea blue.

Turquoise. Actually more green, in my opinion, but nice.

Purple. Nice, imperial shade.

Red. Not so big a difference maybe here, but still.

Gold. Nice, sandy color.

Feet: Munce’s shoes, quest reward from (23) A Greater Theft, the Lone-lands. Apart from the dye issue, they also look very good. I used them in Evelara’s blue-white outfit, and will likely use them again. Of course, it is entirely possible that different computers have differences in how color looks, so I can’t guarantee it will look the same in your computer:)

I apologize for the inconvenient placement of the pictures, I tried having them on the left side but that messed up the whole post.

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