The champion

Evelara is in Annuminas, assisting the wardens with the growing number of Angmarin harassing the area. She is dressed in full armor, with a protective helmet and a flowing cloak decorated with a lion.

Well, here it is at last, Evelara’s champion outfit. I’ve had it for a while, but haven’t been satisfied with my screenshots. I’m still not happy about them, but I’m at my wits end, I don’t know what else I can do to improve them. Maybe my computer simply is too old. I really wish I could get the same quality of screenshots as Hymne, Starry and the other bloggers, the outfits look so much better when you can see every little detail. Anyway, I saw someone with the Dragon-Scale armor set, and thought it would be nice to use some of the pieces to create my “Mighty Champion” outfit. I bought the chest and legs, and was gonna dye them my favorite color, burgundy, when I decided to not be so boring and choose another color theme for this outfit instead. So I went with violet, which works rather well with the orange/rust parts of the armor. It took me a long time to find a helmet that I liked (I’m no big fan of using helmets, because I like to see my character’s face and hair). Then I was questing a bit in Moria with my minstrel and got this as a quest reward. Overall, finding other pieces to match the Dragon-Scale was a bit challenging. The gloves are my old Blademaster’s Gauntlets, which I discovered in my vault, probably I kept them because they can’t be sold. I thought the undyeable brown part on the top went well with the other brown details on the chest. I used the plain cloak, dyed violet, for a long time, until this cloak dropped in Enedwaith or Eregion. I really don’t remember what I was doing, or even which toon got it, but I immediately thought of the champion outfit and knew this cloak was perfect for it:)

This outfit is a rather nice match with the elf ambassador’s horse too.

Head: Ion’s helmet, dye violet, quest reward from (56) Little Revolution, Moria. There are other helmets like this one dropping in Moria, and a ceremonial version can be found in the Lotro Store.

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulderguards, dye violet, T6 crafted.

Back: Light Cloak of Evasion, dye violet, Enedwaith/Eregion world drop.   Edit: I just read on Darzil’s page that the cloak can be bought from the Lotro Store as well, under the name of Ceremonial Artisan’s Cloak. I haven’t verified it yet in-game, am going to do so when I get a chance.

Chest: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Breastplate, dye violet, skirmish cosmetic trader.

Hands: Blademaster’s Gauntlets, dye violet, champion barter item, Moria.

Legs: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Leggings, dye violet, skirmish cosmetic trader.

Feet: Rochwen’s Boots, dye rust (orange works too, looks almost the same), quest reward (34) Some Disease Affects Them, Trollshaws. These actually have a very similar if not same look as the Dragon-scale boots. I’m sure there are other boots with this design too.



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