Party at the Pony

Alfric has travelled west of the Misty Mountains for the first time, and ended up in Bree. It is the first time he meets hobbits too. The Prancing Pony is hosting a party, where minstrels from the area are performing. Alfric has dressed up in his finest, an elegant robe, a cloak embroidered with fleur-de-lis, and a rather funny-looking hat. Now he is just going to enjoy the performances and drink some beer.

Alfric has spent so much time in the wilderness, I decided it was time for him to have a bit of fun too:) I’ve wanted to use this robe for a long time, and after a lot of trying out, I ended up with this rather crazy outfit. The cloak is not a perfect match, but then again, why would Alfric even know anything about such things? He just uses what he happens to have, and parties happily anyway:)

Head: Hat of Might, default dye, world drop, Dunland

Shoulders: Radiant Westernesse Shoulderguards, dye sea blue, T5 crafted

Back: Master’s Cloak, dye navy, T6 crafted

Chest: Short Ranger’s Robe, dye navy, Gift box drop, anniversary or spring festival

Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves, dye navy, Yulefest quest reward, (10) Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Feet: Leather Shoes, dye navy, any outfitter

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