Lady in red

Danvien is in Bree, getting supplies for another hunting expedition to the Old Forest. As always, she is dressed fashionably, this time in red and mild brown. She is sure to turn some heads in the rather small town of Bree…

I wanted to make an elegant city-outfit for my hunter. The chestpiece has been in my vault for a while now, waiting to find a match. I tried all the leggings I had, and these ones were “at the bottom” of my wardrobe. I think they match the shirt so well it almost looks like a set. Then I thought the newly acquired Summer Festival Cloak looked nice with the chest and legs, and then I just used some of my favorite pieces to complete the outfit. I really like this one, it might become Danvien’s favorite:)

Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, dye crimson, Yulefest quest reward (10)Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulderguards, dye crimson, T6 crafted

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, dye crimson, Summer Festival barter item

Chest: Rider’s Silken Shirt, dye crimson, friend standing with Theodred’s Riders

Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves, dye umber, Yulefest quest reward, (10) Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Legs: Trousers of the Ent-Friend, dye umber, quest reward from Great River, Brown Lands, I think, but can’t find them listed anywhere, and my memory is too short:)

Feet: Padded Shoes, dye crimson (although they look more red in some screenshots), any outfitter

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4 Responses to Lady in red

  1. Lasswen says:

    Niiice outfit! I have recently got that same chest item and am yet to use it, I’m also having trouble finding legs to go with it. And speaking of legs, what you’ve used here will be something else added to my list of things to get from the Great River when I get there!

    • Thanks, Lasswen:) And yes, those leggings are rather unique, I haven’t seen them anywhere else. Too bad I couldn’t find info about them anywhere, and I simply can’t remember from what quest I got them:P

  2. Devonna says:

    I like the shirt and legs you chose. Very well matched. 🙂

  3. Twistedsoul says:

    Nice outfit you have an eye for beauty (would love to see the Extravagant Oufit in Black Dye sometime). Superb.

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