Grim business

Calardis is in the Weather Hills, dealing with some annoying orcs and half-orcs. She is wearing a sturdy jacket and leather boots, scaled shoulderguards and a metal shield. Dyed in shades of violet and brown, the clothes help her blend into the night and take the orcs by surprise.

Even if Calardis might be my girliest toon, she still needs to do hard work now and then, so I decided to make her an outfit suitable for dealing with rough orcs and wilderness adventures of all kinds. I’ve had this chestpiece in my wardrobe for a while and this seemed like a good time to use it. I wanted to make the outfit quite leathery, and found that the cloak matched my shield, while the trim on the gloves also match the edge of the hood.

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mark, dye violet, world drop

Back: Hooded Leather Cloak, dye violet, Farmer’s Faire barter item

Chest: Jacket of the Watchtower, dye violet, quest reward (66)The Feast of the Running Stag, Dunland

Hands: Menevaib, dye violet, quest reward (31) Vessel of Purity, Lone-lands

Feet: Leather Boots, dye black, any outfitter

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