Visiting Bree-town

Alfric is back in civilisation for a few days, to stock up on food and do some errands. When he left Dale, he roamed around on both sides of the Anduin. He even went as far south as Ithilien, where he encountered an easterling scout. A fight broke out, and Alfric was the victor. Being quite impoverished, he searched for the scout’s camp, found it, and took from his belongings, apart from some money, this nice hauberk with the image of a mumakil, an oliphant, embroidered on the front. It is quite practical to wear when in town.

A simple town-outfit for my captain. I don’t use hauberks that much, but this one I rather like, and I made up a story about how he acquired it. I teamed it up with the fireworks cloak, which looks nice dyed green, and matches the hauberk quite well.

Head: Circlet of Men, starter gift package

Back: Firework Hoodless Cloak, dye rivendell green, anniversary event cosmetic

Chest: Eastern-cut Hauberk, dye rivendell green, most outfitters

Hands: forgot which ones, going to add later, but any solid-colored gloves will work

Feet: Leather shoes, dye rivendell green, medium armorsmith vendor


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