Elven sentinel

Mimbaril is patrolling the road to the Grey Havens, to make sure the elves going to the ships will have a safe journey there. He is wearing a beautiful elven chestplate, mail leggings and a pointy helmet, and carrying a heavy shield as protection.

It took me a long time to make this outfit. I wanted to make a guardian armor, without using any armor sets, but it was hard to find a good combination of chest and legs and boots that worked with the helmet and cloak, which I actually started with. Finally I decided on this, but I might still change my mind if I discover something better:) I was so happy when I acquired this cloak, I think it’s so beautiful, and decidedly elvish:) I wish I had a better computer, my screenshots don’t get much better than this and it really doesn’t do the outfits justice.

Head: Blade Helm of Vigour, dye umber, world drop

Shoulders: Shining Dwarf-steel Shoulderpads, dye umber, world drop

Back: Swan Cloak, dye umber, I won it in the lottery, but can be obtained from Lotro Store, possibly also come from giftboxes

Chest: Armour of  the Forest, dye sienna, quest reward (43) Giant Footprints, Trollshaws

Hands: Elven Steel Gauntlets of Rallying, dye umber, world drop

Legs: Sturdy West-Land Leggings of Resilience, dye sienna, world drop

Feet: Munce’s Shoes, dye sienna, quest reward (23) A Greater Theft, Lonelands

Shield: Recruit’s Heavy Shield of Adlan, skirmish barter item

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