A bit off-topic: Real-life riders of Rohan

I visited a medieval festival last weekend and watched an amazing tournament show. The performers are called Rohan Tallit, or Rohan Stables in English, and I thought they looked really nice. I guess in all of Middle-Earth, Gondor is the place that most resembles a medieval society with lords, fortified cities, soldiers and mounted knights. The performers wore some cool armor, and I got very inspired by some of it. Now I need to look out for some Lotro armor pieces that resembles these:) I have not so far made any outfit that would match one of my horses, but now I would like to create at least one. Since my main Evelara is from Gondor and owns more horses than any other of my characters, I might make her a nice mounted combat outfit for the Rohan expansion. (Which, by the way, got delayed until October 15th. I don’t mind, gives me more time to lvl crafting and a few alts:P) Anyway, gonna share some pictures I took. They are not very good, I only have an old pocket camera and I was a bit late for the show so didn’t get the best seat, but I hope they might inspire someone else too:)

Three of the four riders. I really like the horses’ blankets and tacks.

The fourth rider is a woman, and I really like her armor. It’s a kind of long red tabard or robe, with some mail parts, and plate shoulderguards and chestpiece.

This guy was wearing some Saracen-looking armor.

Another picture of the lady knight. Her horse is beautiful too.

I was going to add a couple of video clips but it didn’t work. I will add them later if I figure out what the problem is.

The performers have a webpage too, mainly in Finnish but some of the content has been translated to English.


Some videos they have made can be found on http://www.youtube.com/user/rohanintalli



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