Elf at home

Calardis is at home, tending her garden, cooking, and just enjoying herself. She is wearing old, comfortable clothes in soft shades of pink and green.

I decided Calardis needed an “elfy” outfit, and looked through my wardrobe to see what I had stored there. After mixing and matching and trying different things I ended up with this combination and I am quite happy with it. It looks comfortable, like something Calardis would actually wear a lot. And I finally leveled her enough to get this cloak in my hands again, I so regretted selling Evelara’s cloak, back when she outleveled it. (In case you wonder, Evelara is my main, at lvl cap, and Calardis comes second). This cloak is so beautiful, it looks like it is made of velvet, and it dyes wonderfully in all colors. (I used it in my previous post as well, and probably will use it again…)The shirt is also pretty with it’s scalloped sleeves.

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulderguards, dye dark green, T6 crafted

Back: Cloak of the Dreamflower/Galadhrim/Golden Wood, dye rose, quest reward vol II, book 7, chapter 9

Chest: Bear-hide Shirt, dye rose, quest reward (36) Bear-Hide Armour, Trollshaws (starts from a hide that drops off a random bear)

Hands: Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag, dye sienna, quest reward from (69)Passage into Dunland

Legs: Elven Skirmisher’s Leggings, dye rivendell green, T4 crafted

Feet: Boots of the Galadhrim, dye rose, acquaintance with Galadhrim

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3 Responses to Elf at home

  1. Celonglir says:

    I also love this cloak and chestpiece. I use both quite extensively. Nice post!

  2. Ivy says:

    One of my very favorite cloaks! There is also a hoodless version in Great River (I use that one a lot too). I really like these boots as well.

    I really enjoyed this one, she looks so soft and graceful. 🙂


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