A tribute to my homeland

Evelara is out hunting for a change. It’s early spring, and the snow is almost gone in the valleys beneath the Blue Mountains. She’s been tracking a bear for some time, and is planning to sell its fur when she has killed it. She is wearing a pair of good boots, blue leather trousers and a white woolen shirt with a warm cloak on top. Her fingerless gloves are practical when out in the woods.

This is an outfit I’ve thought about for a while. I wanted to make an outfit that uses the colors of my country’s flag, blue and white, which is also the colors of the lakes and the snow. White is a tricky color, because there doesn’t seem to be many pieces of clothing that dye a bright, clean white. But this Radiant armor does, and I paired it with blue leggings, cloak and gloves, and added green boots to represent the many green pine trees that covers the land.

Shoulders: Enduring Dwarf Cloth Shoulderpads of Vigour, dye navy, world drop

Back: Cloak of the Dreamflower/Galadhrim/Golden Wood, dye navy, quest reward vol II, book 7, chapter 9

Chest: Radiant Armour, dye white, T5 crafted

Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag, dye navy, quest reward (66) Finding an Old Fiend, Dunland

Legs: Leather Leggings of the Stoic Stag, dye navy, quest reward (66) Counting the Antlers, Dunland

Feet: Munce’s Shoes, dye rivendell green, quest reward (23) A Greater Theft, Lonelands

Mount: Steed of Eriador (yay, I finally took the time to grind the last rep…)


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