A dwarf going to war

Hervald has decided to join a campaign against the goblins in the Misty Mountains. He has gathered some pieces of armor to protect him while he casts his runes, and he has a cloak with an image of a dwarf embroidered on it to keep him warm.

Well, here is my first dwarf-outfit, worn by my rune-keeper bank alt, Hervald. I decided today to make him a nice outfit besides the different hauberks I’ve usually put him in. I just rummaged through my wardrobe and put together items that worked together without dyeing, because I couldn’t bother traveling to my house, where I store all my dyes (unpractical, I know, but I haven’t come up with a better idea, they need to be somewhere). Anyway, I think this turned out really well, for something that was made without a plan. I really like the helmet, it looks so dwarfy, and the cloak is just perfect.

Head: Alrekur’s cover, quest reward from (60)Herald of War, Dimrill Dale

Shoulders: Pauldron’s of the Stoic Stag, quest reward from (66) Stealing and Squeling, Dunland

Back: Singed Cloak, drop from Gwathnor in the Foundations of Stone (can be fought in two different quests)

Chest: Jacket of Might, world drop. There is at least one other item with the same name, because I have two, and they don’t look the same:P.

Hands: Chainmail Gloves of Courage, world drop

Legs: Kan-Leggar, quest reward, vol II, book 3, chapter 6

Feet: Sturdy West-land Boots of Vibrance, T4 metalsmith crafted

Rune-Satchel: Threadbare Rune-Satchel

All items are default dye.

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