It is a hot summer day, and Danvien has decided to swim in the river. She is wearing her blue summer dress and cloak, embroidered with flowers, and she also wears flowers in her hair.

The new (or not so new anymore, it’s been weeks:P) Simbelmÿne cosmetics have been seen in many different dyes. I decided to go blue, and I think it works pretty well. My hunter got to wear it, and I took some rather girly screenshots of her:) Sometimes it is fun to be just a girl, play in the water, smell some flowers and have fun, even if you happen to be a dignified elf. That is all I was thinking with this outfit, but earlier today I happened to read on Lord of the Rings wiki, and saw an article about Luthién. I quote the webpage: “She was a woman of incomparable beauty and grace, with night-dark hair, sparkling grey eyes, luminous skin, and a clear heartbreakingly lovely voice that was said to cause winter to melt into spring – “the song of Luthien released the bonds of winter, and the frozen waters spoke, and flowers sprang from the cold earth where her feet had passed”. I immediately thought of my screenshots of Danvien playing in the river, and who knows, maybe this is my version of Luthién:)

Head: Simbelmÿne circlet, spring festival barter item

Back: Simbelmÿne cloak, dye evendim blue, spring festival barter item

Chest: Simbelmÿne dress, dye evendim blue, spring festival barter item

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