Young lore-master

Ingwyn has at last reached Bree, and is eagerly reading all the books in the archives. She has bought a nice long robe, trying to look older than her twenty-something years.

Here is Ingwyn in what I call her loremaster-outfit. I saw this robe on many characters on my server but never bothered to find out where it came from. Then for some reason I visited the Dunland reputation vendor and looked at the armor pieces in the dressing room for the first time, and voila, there it was. (Edit: I just did some leftover quests in Trum Dreng, Dunland, and found that a similar robe is also a quest reward). It looks good in its default white dye (it was white, I think…), and also in green, burgundy, blue or red, but I felt like everyone I had seen was using those colors, so I tried different ones and ended up with this rust. I was thinking it would match all the books:P. Still not a hundred percent sure it works, sometime I feel the robe looks like it was made from a 70s curtain…But teamed up with black, it’s not so bad. I used a pointy Gandalf-style hat too, but somehow that made the outfit look silly, so I keep it hidden. It shows in the last picture.

(Head: Aguti’s hat, dye black, quest reward (56) The Local Wildlife is Deadly, Moria)

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s shoulderguards, dye black, T6 crafted

Back: Plain Cloak, dye black, any outfitter

Chest: Robe of Countless Stars, dye rust, ally standing with Men of Dunland/or Robe of the Learned Stag, quest reward from (66) A Widow’s Last Hope, Dunland

Hands: Radiant Westernesse gloves, dye rust, T5 crafted

Feet: Leather Shoes, dye black, armorsmith vendor

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