I hope we get something like this sometime

When questing and traveling around, I sometimes notice an NPC wearing some beautiful clothes, and I thought I’d make a cathegory for nice NPC outfits. Here are some I’ve seen recently.

The cooking trainer in Celondim. This dress is quite common on female elf NPC:s. I like the empire cut, it looks a lot less bulky than the standard robe. And the embroideries on the skirt are lovely.

The scholar trainer in Celondim. I’ve seen this dress model too on many female elves. I love the lace/embroidery section around the waist and on the sleeves.

This is Stanric, the leader in Stangard. Never noticed what he was wearing until I did this quest where he was a prisoner. Very nice mail shirt, it has a realistic look about it.

A dwarf in the 21st hall, Mögr, I think his name was. A rather nice shirt with stars on, I think it would look good on other races too. Hmm, that reminds me I should make some dwarf outfits too someday…

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