Elegant hunter

Danvien has left Mirkwood. She has travelled west, all the way to Breeland, hunting in the Old Forest. She is dressed in black and red, because she loves to wear dramatic clothes, and in the murky woodland it might be a good thing to not blend in too much.

I looted this chest piece in Dol Guldur, and saved it for a long time until I decided my hunter could use it for a dramatic outfit. It looked good dyed black, and I thought it would be cool to match the undyable red parts with some red items. She happened to be wearing the leggings as her regular armor and I noticed the red details on them when I removed her boots, so I just dyed them black and had a rather nice match with the chest. Added a red cloak and gloves and some shoulder pads, and the elegant hunter was born:) Love the black insides on the gloves, it doesn’t show very well on my screenshots though. I tried adding a hat, but somehow that changed the appearance a bit too much so I decided to not use it. You can see it in the bottom picture.

(Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, dye black, Yulefest quest reward (10)Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich)

Shoulders: Campaigner’s Shoulderguards, dye black, T5 crafted

Chest: Morcham, dye black, instance boss drop from The Dungeons of Dol Guldur(The Warden)/ or friend standing with Grey Company/or Medium Armor from Thorin’s Hall, rep barter item

Back: Plain cloak, dye red, all outfitters

Hands: Ashpar’s fall, default red color, quest reward, Vol II, Book 3, chapter 7: The White Hand in Darkness

Legs: Fine Leather Leggings, dye black, T2 crafted medium armor

Feet: Leather Shoes, dye black, medium armorsmith vendor

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