Minstrel in action

Calardis has made it into Moria, where the dwarves are busy reclaiming the halls from the orcs and goblins and other nasty creatures that have invaded them. A minstrel from Dale has given her a bagpipe, and she is now trying to entertain the dwarves…

I wanted to make Calardis an outfit to perform in, and was thinking a bit in the lines of court jester/harlequin. I came across the chest piece first, and liked the look. Then I accidentally discovered that the leggings I was currently using as my armor, hidden under a robe, were a very good match with the chest, I almost think they could be part of a set. I dyed both pieces sea blue, which is Calardis’ favorite color. The brown edge on the cloak was a nice match to the brown parts on the leggings, and I also added brown gloves to further enhance it. I made the shoes and shoulderguards gold to match the gold parts. All in all a rather crazy-looking outfit, but I like it, and I think it’s perfect to perform in, drawing attention.

Head: Circlet of Men, contained in one of the starter Gift packages

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Pads, dye gold, Celondim medium armorsmith

Back: Twisttongue’s Cloak, dye sea blue, quest reward from (54) Riddles in the Stone. There are other similar cloaks, at least some of the skirmish cloaks of Eruilan, Naillan etc have this look, with or without hood.

Chest: Ansurr’s armor, dye sea blue, quest reward (55) Fighting the Fungus (Moria). The crafted Pristine Dwarf-make Armour has the same look.

Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves, dye sienna, Yulefest quest reward, (10) Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Legs: Leggings of the Apt Pupil, dye sea blue. I couldn’t find out where I got these from, I think it might have been Tham Mirdain but can’t find the info anywhere, but I think some crafted leggings might look similar.

Feet: Padded shoes of Fleetness, dye gold. Any shoes will work, most of them look very similar.

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