Summer traveller

Ingwyn has been walking for days in the warm summer sun, and she is really looking forward to taking a break and stay in Bree for a while. She is wearing her brown everyday leggings, comfortable boots, a white shirt and a leather vest. Although it is summer she is wearing a scarf around her shoulders. This is to prevent her neck from getting all stiff and aching from the heavy backpack she is wearing.

I wanted to make a nice travel/quest outfit for Ingwyn, because I think it’s unpractical for her to travel or fight dressed in a long loremaster-ish robe or dress. I’m using my favorite leggings, similar (but not the same item) to Evelara’s burgundy ones. I first had a pair of gloves on too but it didn’t feel right with the bare arms. And I’m not a big fan of using hats, I don’t like it when the character’s hair becomes so short underneath it. A hat with the long hair flowing out from under it would be a different thing altogether. The only thing missing from this is a nice walking stick. Hopefully that will become possible to use one day.

Shoulders: Gelluiranc, dye sienna, quest reward (30) Giant Problems, Breeland. T3 crafted light shoulders have a similar look.

Back: Travel pack, default dye, Yulefest gift box

Chest: Enduring Waistcoat of Healing, dye sienna, world drop

Legs: Linen Leggings, dye sienna, T2 crafted

Feet: Sturdy Westland Boots of Vibrance, dye umber, T4 metalsmith crafted

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One Response to Summer traveller

  1. Devonna says:

    I like this outfit. Perfect for an adventurer. I would LOVE walking sticks in the game. That would be very cool. 🙂

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