Dressed for success

Mimbaril welcomes his friends to Rivendell and the house of Elrond. He is dressed in his elegant hauberk, with soft leather gloves and boots, and a beautiful embroidered cloak.

This is one of my oldest outfits, Mimbaril’s been wearing it for a long time now, and I never tire of it. The only recent change is the cloak, before he used the plain one from the outfitting vendor, but now I finally leveled tailoring enough to craft this one, which I’ve admired for some time. (Yes, I know I could have bought it from the Auction House, but I didn’t feel like spending money on it…)

Head: Circlet of men, starter gift packs

Chest: Elven Hauberk, dye ered luin blue, Celondim outfitter

Back: Radiant Cloak, dye navy, T5 crafted

Hands: Gelymaib, dye indigo, Friend standing with Grey Company. I think I’ve seen other gloves with this look too.

Feet: Soft Leather Boots, dye navy

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