Gondorian adventurer

Evelara is ready for battle, wearing a breastplate over a chain shirt, with some metal plate on the shoulders. Her leather leggings are comfortable, making it easy to move, and her boots are sturdy, to prevent her from slipping or twisting her ankle.

When Evelara ran away from home, she took with her some of her brother’s leftover armor, pieces he’d grown out of. This outfit started from the chest piece, which I discovered look awesome dyed burgundy. (I have used burgundy a lot on my armour throughout the game, love the color..)I then looked for some matching leggings, and found the Dusty Cotton Leggings on the skirmish vendor. I have since found that there are many other leg pieces with the same design, both crafted and skirmish armor(some of the Adlan light armor pants have this look, if I remember correctly). Some of them dye in a more solid color, while others look more worn like these ones. I love the worn look, thinking they could very well have been used by her brother before she took them. Also I think they look kind of sexy, especially on the butt, which makes the whole outfit quite feminine. I added a pair of sturdy boots, for travelling in all sorts of weather conditions, and a pair of comfortable gloves. I chose not to use shoulder armor in this outfit because the chest piece looks like it has them built in. No cloak either, as I like the look of the chest piece on the back.


Chest: Brocham, quest reward from (49)Help From The South, starts in Gath Forthnir, Angmar, dye burgundy.

Back: (shown in fight picture only) Fancy Elven Quiver, found in anniversary gift boxes.

Legs: Dusty Cotton Leggings, skirmish camp classic vendor, dye burgundy.

Feet: Soft Leather Boots, outfitter in Bree or Trestlebridge, dye burgundy.

Hands: Dwarf Padded Gloves of Might, world drop( I think…), dye grey. There are other gloves with the same look, but I don’t have any names to give.

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