Runaway bride

Evelara rode to the church on her new white horse. She was dressed in the beautiful gown her mother had made, and on her forehead she wore a jewelled circlet, a gift from the bridegroom. But on the very steps of the church, she just couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t see herself being married to that old man, sitting in his chilly castle all day long, until she died of boredom. She turned the horse around and galloped back to her parents’ manor, grabbed a few things and rode off towards the northeast, and she didn’t turn around.

This was the dress Evelara was supposed to get married in. I ran all over Middle-Earth trying to find a “Gondorian” environment to take the screenshots in, and ended up in Tyl Annun. With a little imagination, this could look like some kind of Gondorian church. (Although, they probably didn’t have churches…)That’s funny actually, there isn’t much religion as such in the books, even though Tolkien was a Christian. I don’t know if wearing one standard dress counts as an outfit, but somehow I feel that she needs a wedding outfit, to fit in with her story.

Chest: Gossamer Dress, skirmish camp cosmetics, default color.

Head: Circlet of Men, starter gift packs.

Mount: Grey Horse, reward for completing the entire Volume I epic quest line.

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