Spearman of the marsh

A little hobbit warden is patrolling the Midgewater marshes. She tries to blend in with her pumpkin-colored armor, so she can sneak up on the goblins.

This isn’t stricly a masquerade outfit, but I ran out of ideas so this one ended up in that category anyway. Here I’m using another of the quest reward armor pieces from Gondor, along with this nice cloak I’ve coveted for a long time, and I finally got it 馃檪 Also using the new (well, not so new anymore, maybe) Imladris fallen leaf dye, which looked surprisingly good with the undyeable steel blue parts.

Head: Helm of the Charging Stag, quest reward (66) Let Us Follow Them, Dunland

Shoulders: Scout’s Shoulder Guards, T6 crafted medium armour

Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld, Lalia’s Market, or Eorlingas lootbox

Chest: Robe of An贸rien Mercy, quest reward (100) A Long Siege – Forgive him, Minas Tirith

Hands: Reworked Gloves, from the lvl 65 armour boxes meant for Beornings (quest rewards)

Feet: Dirtied Work Boots, Beorning starter armour

All six pieces are dyed Imladris Fallen Leaf

Shield: Threkhlief, dropped by Doomspeaker in Dark Delvings (Moria instance)

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Anduin wanderer

The road goes ever on and on…

This elf is a messenger between Mirkwood and Lothlorien, travelling along the shore of the Anduin. She wears a long robe and a hood, and rides a horse with ceremonial gear.

It’s been a while since my hunter got anything new, but here she is, dressed up as a sort of messenger. I’ve had the robe for a long time and finally found a use for it. It is quite elaborate so I felt it didn’t need a cloak. The horse doesn’t match the outfit that much, the warsteed caparison dyed burgundy might have worked but I don’t have that dye so I used the ordinary steed.

Hello deer

Head: Lore-Keeper’s Hat, burgundy, skirmish camp classic barter(loremaster lvl 85 teal set)

Shoulders: Lore-Keeper’s Shoulders, burgundy, same as the hat

Chest: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate, burgundy, quest reward (74) Banishing the Dishonoured, Great River

Hands: Gloves of the An贸rien Sun, burgundy, quest reward Vol IV, book 4, chapter 1: The Broken Causeway

Feet: Shoes of the An贸rien Sun, burgundy, Vol IV, book 4, chapter 3: The Seven Gates

Horse: Steed of the Eldar, VIP gift

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Elegant elf

Zarond is visiting Frostbluff to celebrate winter, and has dressed up in elegant red.

This outfit gets published a few months later than I had intended, I made it for Yule-fest but never got around to making the blog entry 馃檪 But better late than never, so here it is, just a simple party outfit for my elf. I use that cloak a lot because it’s so pretty, and it dyes nicely in all shades too.

Head: Fine Elven Circlet, Lotro Anniversary gift boxes

Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest, red, quest reward (75) Neighbours Meet, Great River

Chest: Extravagant Festival Robe, red, quest reward (10) Gain and Glory: Assist the Rich, Yule Festival

Feet: Light Nadhin Shoes, black, Dol Amroth light armor set, or quest reward

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Fighting crebain

Ranfrith has been tasked with getting rid of some spying crebain in Bree-land. She likes to use her daggers, and also shoots the birds with her bow.

Here is my Beorning girl again, this time in some kind of Beorning outfit. I made something plain and practical that I think works well. The chestpiece looks like it’s made of shabby leather, and the shoulders add a touch of fur without looking too hot and unpractical for battle. And by the way, a craban looks very ugly when seen up close 馃槢

Head: Hood of the An贸rien Sun, rust, quest reward Vol IV, Book 4, chapter 4: Tower of Guard

Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, black, Beorning starter armor set

Chest: Dwarf Leather Shirt, black, world drop

Hands: Battered Dunlending Gauntlets, rust, quest reward (66) Scattered Companions, Dunland

Legs: Supple Fangorn Trousers of Insight, black, T9 crafted (tailor)

Feet: Boots of the An贸rien Tree, rust, quest reward Vol IV, Book 4, chapter 3: The Seven Gates

Daggers: Boar-Tooth Dagger x2, quest reward (35) Boar-Tooth Dagger, starts from a tusk randomly dropped by boars in Trollshaws

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Spring party

Spring is here, and Waldgrim is going to celebrate with the hobbits at the party tree. He has dressed up in elegant clothes. Let the dancing begin!

Time for a nice party outfit, now that Spring Festival is in full action. I’ve long wanted to use this cloak, but it was hard to match it with anything. Then I made this simple outfit and found that an elaborate cloak worked well with it.

Back: Elf-Lord’s Cloak, white, Lotro store

Chest: Padded Waistcoat, white, world drop

Hands: Simple Bracers, default, beorning starter gear

Legs: Sightseer’s Trousers, grey, spring rewards vendor

Feet: Light Nadhin Shoes, black, Dol Amroth armor set (light)

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Helping the dwarves

Zarond is in Ered Luin, helping some dwarf merchants with their cargo. He wears practical clothes in green.

Wonder if they have more goods in here…

An adventure outfit for my elf champion. I’ve had the chest and legs in my wardrobe for a long time, and now I found a use for them. The cloak is a bit weird but I decided it could work in this outfit. I’ve mainly matched colours in this one, and not so much armour pieces. Maybe not my best outfit, but it looks good on my elf lad 馃檪

Let’s go!

Back: Nerth-clog, dark green, drops in Pits of Isengard instance

Chest: Jacket of the Friendship Stone, dark green, quest reward (71) A Prisoner to Stangard, Great River

Hands: Scout’s Gloves, ranger green, T6 crafted medium armour

Legs: Silver-Voice Leggings, dark green, Minstrel armour, available in different lvls from skirm camp classic vendor and barterer in Rivendell (Helegrod set)

Feet: Scout’s Boots, ranger green, T6 crafted medium armour

Swords: Marked-Blade x 2, drops in Urugarth instance

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Ambassador to the elves

Along the shores of the Anduin, an elderly Beorning is walking. She is an ambassador for her people, on the way to Lorien. She has dressed in a light summer dress and wears a golden cloak to match the golden leaves in the elf forest.

Here is the first of my new outfits, and it’s not that new, in fact, but I haven’t had time to do anything about it until now. I wanted to dress my Beorning girl in something a bit more fancy, and ended up with this look. The leaf-shaped shoulderpads and the gold and purple colours sort of hinted at Lorien. I don’t actually know if Beornings ever had any contact with Lorien, I’ll have to research that I suppose, but this is just an outfit, and not an official essay about Tolkien lore, after all 馃檪

Head: Tactical Eastemnet Campaign Circlet, purple, T8 crafted (tailor)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Deathstorm, gold, champion armour, skirm camp classic vendor

Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest, gold, quest reward (70) Neighbours Meet, Great River

Chest: Langhar’s Tunic and Waistcoat, purple, beorning starter armour

Hands: Gloves of the Anorien Sun, purple, quest reward Vol IV, Book 4, Chapter 1: The Broken Causeway

Feet: Raskwith’s Boots, purple, quest reward (60) Death to the Invaders, Lothlorien

Dagger: Lanchigil x 2, quest reward Vol. II Epilogue: Sigileth’s Knives

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