Trollshaws elf


Calardis is back in Eriador, in the Trollshaws, looking for inspiration to her music. She has dressed in soft fall leaf colours of gold and orange, to blend in with the landscape.


New outfit for my minstrel. I was tired of her Dunland outfit and decided to make another one instead of it, something that still fits the category of local outfits. I tried on the chestpiece and liked it, and the leafy pattern on it gave me the idea to make a fall-themed outfit. I had a bunch of other leafy pieces in my wardrobe, several from the Great River area, that I’ve wanted to use for a while, and dyeing some of them with the new sunset orange dye, and others gold, completed the style. A less colorful cloak to balance it, and the outfit was done. I really like it, and she wore it to a community event the same day🙂



Head: Hat of the Concerned Elf, sunset orange, quest reward (70) Disturbances in Thinglad, Great River

Shoulders: Wynmar’s End, gold, quest reward (70) The Orcs Attack, Great River

Back: Cloak of the Rescuer, umber, quest reward (70) Neighbours Meet, Great River

Chest: Jacket of the Wall-Warden, sunset orange, warden Dol Guldur set (lvl 65), skirm camp classic vendor

Hands: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, sunset orange, quest reward (70) A Reasonable Request, Great River

Legs: Lore-Keeper’s Trousers, gold, lore-master Dl Guldur set (lvl 65), skirm camp classic vendor

Feet: Lore-Keeper’s Shoes, sunset orange, lore-master Dol Guldur set (lvl 85), skirm camp classic vendor


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Warden of Chetwood


Waldgrim has ended up in Bree-land, where he is fighting the Blackwolds of Chetwood. He wears a long padded robe as protection, and a sturdy shield to defend himself with.


Time for my Rohirrim warden to make another appearance, dressed for his class. As it usually does for me, the outfit began from the chestpiece, which I’ve had in my vault for a while. I’ve usually tried it out on female toons, and didn’t quite like it. Then I discovered it looks different on a male toon, it’s much longer, and I liked it. The default light green color looked good, and I just added some pieces to make it into a battle-outfit.

class3 class5

Head: Burnoth’s Dented Helm, default, quest reward (76) Five Against the Wold, East Rohan

Shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders, dark green, Dol Amroth light armor set, or world drop/quest reward

Chest: Reinforced Coat of Kingstead, default, quest reward (86) Stilling the Wade, West Rohan

Hands: Gloves of the Anorien Sun, walnut brown, quest reward Vol IV, book 4, chapter 1

Feet: Shining Padded Shoes, dark green, world drop

Shield: Cleanser’s Buckler, quest reward (81) Chieftain of the Dead, East Rohan

Spear: Brunanc’s Demise, quest reward (49) The Worm-sire, Eregion. Etched Yew Spear (t3 crafted) has the same look


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Elf in blue



Another outfit without a story to it. This elf is just an outfit model and I haven’t made him a background story🙂 But he is from Edhellond, the elf-haven in Gondor, and this outfit is meant to represent that. I used Duillond as background obviously, since I can’t bring a lvl 9 elf to Gondor😀 This outfit started with the beautiful hauberk, which I’ve been meaning to use for a long time. I then added pieces to it and tried to find things that matched the golden studs/buttons and the blue shades of the hauberk.



Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s shoulders, white, beorning starter area armor. For a female toon, use the other pair of beorning shoulders.

Back: Fine Elven Quiver, default, Rivendell outfitter

Chest: Hauberk of the Eagle’s Crest, white, Lotro Store. Pretty sure I didn’t buy mine from there, it might drop from somewhere too.

Hands: Gloves of the Hopeful Melody, white, minstrel armour set, skirm camp classic vendor

Feet: Elven Cloth Shoes, steel blue, world drop

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Moria messenger

So much walking...

So much walking…

It is the old times before the fall of Moria, and this messenger is walking from the 21st hall to the lower depths, bearing important tidings. He is dressed in an ornate blue robe and a cloak decorated with the Moria emblem.

Where was I supposed to turn now, left or right...

Where was I supposed to turn now, left or right…

Another masquerade outfit, worn by my dwarf this time. I’ve been thinking about making a Moria outfit for a long time, but only when I discovered this cloak on sale in the LOTRO store some time ago, did I get an idea what to make. I had discovered the design on the cloak was similar to all the banners hanging around Moria, so it seemed like the perfect starting piece. I tried a few different robes and chest pieces before settling on this robe, which I thought looked very regal dyed Ered Luin blue. My dwarf uses this outfit a lot, it became a favorite quickly.

It's that way!

It’s that way!

I had better read the letter again, to be sure...

I had better read the letter again, to be sure…

Back: Cloak of the Steadfast, ered luin blue, Lotro store

Chest: Lore-keeper’s Robe, ered luin blue, lore-master lvl 85 armor set, skirm camp barter

Hands: Lore-keeper’s Gloves, ered luin blue, lore-master lvl 85 armor set, skirm camp barter

Feet: Light Nadhin Shoes, gold, DA armor set, or world drop

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Poor fisherman’s wife

Weather looks nice today

Weather looks nice tonight

Somewhere in Rohan there is a poor village on the banks of a stream. A few fishermen live there, and this evening the young wife of one of them is out, looking at the weather, trying to determine if the catch will be good tonight.

I'd better tell him the good news

I’d better tell him the good news

Here is something a bit different🙂 Ever since I quested in this part of Woodhurst on my loremaster, I’ve had this idea to make an outfit depicting a poor fisherman’s wife. There isn’t a whole lot of armor pieces that look poor, but I remembered seeing the wash day dress a couple of times, and thought I’d use it. The corset-like bodice of it reminds me of some of our national costumes here, which were based on the clothes ordinary people used in the 18th century. The shoulders were necessary to cover up the rather generous neckline of the dress, which I thought was a bit unfitting for the theme😛 A tattered cloak and a hood with embroideries, perhaps handed down to her from a rich lady, completes the look. During the last festival I saw a kinmate wearing his fishing outfit, and so I borrowed him for some screenshots🙂

Clear sky and calm waters, I think you will get a good catch tonight dear

Clear sky and calm waters, I think you will get a good catch tonight dear

Wish this cough would go away...

Wish this cough would go away…

Head: Reclaimed Hood of the Rangers, olive, can’t find where this came from, going to research it

Shoulders: Potent Skirmish Pauldrons of the Mark, default, T8 crafted, medium armor

Back: Tattered Cloak, olive, lootbox drop

Chest: Wash Day Dress, olive, skirmish camp cosmetic barter

He is wearing: Fisherman’s Shirt and Waders (quest reward from (48) Fisherman’s Friend, Forochel) and Fisher’s Backpack (skirmish camp cosmetic vendor)

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A day in the Shire

Oh this pie smells so good

Oh this pie smells so good

Thodo is going to visit a friend. He is bringing a pie, and has dressed in his nicest every-day clothes, with a rather fancy cloak, because he is a vain guy, after all.


A hobbit outfit for a change🙂 I wanted to make a hobbity outfit, but trying to copy the clothes worn by hobbit NPCs is almost impossible, so I just made a nice-looking ensemble for my little burglar. The cloak is a bit fancy, but it suits this guy, he is a rather vain person🙂



Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest, rust, quest reward (70) Neighbours meet, Great River

Chest: Tanner’s Jacket, white, quest reward (29) Spider Gems, North Downs

Hands: Quillmaster’s Gloves, sienna,  lore-master’s Moria set

Legs: Leggings of Tempered Motion, rust, dropped by Naruhel in Garth Agarwen Fortress

Feet: Light Nadhin Shoes, sienna, Dol Amroth slotted armor set

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Easterling captain


Easterlings have invaded the Great River region. One of their captains is on a scouting mission and has been attacked by an enemy. He wields a sharp halberd in his defense, and is protected by a long tunic with metal plates. His once elegant cloak has seen many battles.

There is that outpost...

There is that outpost…

Here is my cappy disguised as an Easterling. There isn’t much armor in the game that looks Eastern, so I ended up using this hauberk and hat, which I’m sure others have combined before, so this outfit isn’t very original🙂 But I think it looks nice, and he wears it, and that’s the main thing.



Head: Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Helm, default, skirm camp cosmetic vendor

Back: Recovered Cloak of the Crossroads, umber, quest reward (100) Ashes and Stars, chapter 7

Chest: Hauberk of Rhun, default, lootboxes, or Lotro store

Hands: Gloves of the Vicious Proclamation, umber, barter: Cannuion in Tinnudir, runekeeper set

Feet: Shining Padded Shoes, umber, world drop

Weapon: Should be the lvl 75 SA halberd

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